How do I clean my boots?

I have a confession -  I don’t clean my boots very much and admittedly I try very hard to destroy them, although not literally on purpose. Fortunately, however much I seem to abuse them I can never actually destroy them and that goes for my very first pair from many years ago! I’ve scratched them (down the side of the arena), soaked them through in torrential rain and got the zip jammed on my socks on so many occasions that I’ve had to cut my socks out of the boots and still they are all going strong and yes, I have indeed ruined countless pairs of socks …

Thankfully our incredible wax is a miracle worker on our matte leathers! So what you should do is:

  1. Wipe your boots down with a damp cloth after every time you have ridden in them. Paying particular attention to the inside panel.
  2. Let them dry - overnight if you have soaked them through and in an airing cupboard if you’ve dunked them in a muddy pond somewhere on your travels … If you have soaked them through do not worry! Once dried out and re-nourished they will be as good as new!
  3. Once dry smother them in our miracle wax (we prefer a damp sponge to get into all the wrinkles) and depending on how dirty they were – buff straight off (not very) or leave it to soak in (reasonably dirty) or overnight (again) for an intensive restorative treatment if you’ve really, really tried to destroy them or simply have neglected all the other steps for longer than a couple of weeks.
  4. After the wax has soaked in buff buff buff to a shine. We like a sheepskin glove but you can use a soft microfibre cloth.

Top tip for super shiny boots - the Portuguese like to put a pair of tights (pop socks) over the bristles of the buffing brush – we sell the brushes but sadly not the hosiery! It truly makes them super shiny!
So there you have it Rinse and Repeat as required BUT if you do nothing else, wipe them down EVERY TIME you’ve ridden in them. I smear a bit of saddle soap on in between dipping them in the miracle stuff too.
All that said, when it comes to gloss boots you can ignore everything we’ve said and treat them like the precious babies they are! You can use our wax on the gloss but buff straight off or use a specialist patent gloss spray before wrapping them back up in cotton wool.
The same goes for the nubuck and suede – use specialist sprays to clean and treat them and use a suede protector from day one! The latest high-tech sprays will ensure that everything from mud and sand (naturally) to red wine and chips (not naturally granted) will simply slide off – I know as I’ve tested it …
So don’t get hung up on treating your boots with kid gloves, we use the best leather known to man and boy you will struggle to do them any real damage. Colours will fade unless you keep up with your cleaning routine but they can be restored in seconds if you let it slide a bit (or a lot in my particular case). Our boots have been created to perform time and time again, they have a job to do, they will pick up marks along the way but most will not be noticed and many will simply buff out. The pot of wax that you will have received with your boots should last 3-4 months (or a year if you don’t use it) and either way we keep it in stock when you need some more! Buy yours here!