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My new boots are so tight – do they fit?

Yes, is the answer in most cases! Clients are generally not quite prepared for how tight the boots are. If you do not return to the studio to collect your new boots make sure you are wearing the breeches you were measured in and try without long socks.

You will normally need someone else to zip you up the first time as you must be standing and looking forward for all rear zip boots as sitting or twisting does change your shape and makes the first fitting tricky.

For all front zip models, step into the boots and then lift your leg to 90 degrees and zip up in this positon which takes the pressure off the calf.

I'm in! How long will they take long to 'break in'?

Most clients will say their boots are beautiful and comfortable from day one. However, the leather does vary from boot to boot and some boots will take longer as the leather may be marginally thicker. The length of time will also depend on how often you wear your boots. The only real way of breaking your boots in is to ride in them! Walking about the house or yard won’t really mimic your riding position so will take much longer.

Passage, Polo and Bia boots take longer to ‘break in’ mainly due to the fact they are a substantial boot and have panels. Having said this, clients with these boots do report that on average, after 2-3 weeks they feel perfect.

I'm in, but I think there is an issue?

In the exceptionally rare case that the workshop (or ourselves) has made a mistake, we will rectify the issue or replace the boots at our cost. Please notify us immediately, so we can organise this right away, to avoid any unnecessary delay.

Where a client gains/loses significant weight between the measuring date and the new boot fitting, Celeris UK will not accept any liability for ill-fitting boots. In such instances the responsibility lies solely with the client. However, we offer a superior fitting service and insignificant differences in measurements (between fitting and delivery) will make no difference to the fit of your boots.

Will my boots drop?

All boots will drop, on average, by 1-2cm caused by the bend in your ankle. Please note that the dressage models (with reinforced outer panel) are unlikely to drop, due mainly to the fact your ankle doesn’t really bend too much.

What if my boots are too high?

We take considerable time to ensure the right height during the fitting process. We do not ‘add’ additional cm to allow for the drop, as this can prove to be very uncomfortable for our clients. Measured correctly your boots should be perfect and remain perfect after they have dropped 1-2 cm. If you have requested the boots to be higher than we would recommend, we will ask you to sign the order form to confirm this. In this instance we would suggest heel risers to help if they are too high when they arrive. Whilst we are happy to make your boots to your exact requirements, including the height, Celeris UK won’t take any responsibility for the height measurement where you have requested a height higher than our recommendation.

How long will my boots last?

It is impossible to try to estimate this as all riders use and care for their boots very differently. Professionals will ride a large number of horses a day, whereas a hobby rider may only ride at the weekends so obviously there will be a huge difference in the life of boots purchased at the same time. It is our advice to look after your boots, as recommended, to maximize their life.

How long are my boots under warranty?

Celeris boots are guaranteed for the first 90-days, where there is a genuine fault with the materials or manufacture. It is exceptionally rare for Celeris boots to develop any faults but if indeed the boots are deemed faulty, by the workshop, Celeris will rectify the problem or replace the boots.

Due to the extremes and variations in the usage of riding boots, no warranty is offered against wear and tear, negligence or poor maintenance resulting in any fault.

ZIPS: Do not use any ‘tools’ to pull the zips up. If you damage your zips by using ‘tools’ or have trodden on the zips and damaged the teeth, they will not be covered under the warranty.

Do you offer an extended warranty?

Due to the fact that it is exceptionally rare for any boot to develop a fault, we will look at any genuine issue, with the exception of zips, during the first year.

Due to the extremes and variations in the usage of riding boots, no warranty is offered against wear and tear, negligence or poor maintenance resulting in any fault.

Do you have issues with zips?

Generally, we do not have issues with our zips due mainly to the superior fit - each boot is made to fit each leg and, in particular, the calf area.

It is very common for the calf to vary significantly on a rider. This variation can be as much as 2cm and is usually because a rider favours one side of their body more or has had an accident at some point in the past. This is very normal and hence the reason it is important that the boots are made to take this variation into account, to avoid stress on the zips.

It is worth pointing out that a genuinely faulty zip will be obvious from almost the first fitting or most certainly within a week or two of use. It is so rare for a zip to go after the 30-day period and beyond this period would be wear and tear, hence why it is important to look after your zips.

How do I care for the zips?

During the first week, always ask someone else to do up the zips for you and try to be as careful as possible during this time whilst the boots are moulding to your legs. After the first week always ensure that the zip is entirely open before attempting to put your foot into your boot. Brush out sand and debris from your zips daily to avoid damage.

How do I look after my boots?

Wipe down daily with a damp cloth to remove dirt and grime, especially on the area of the boot that makes contact with the horse and brush out sand and debris from the zips. Allow the boots to dry. Finish by conditioning with our luxury wax and buffing to a shine. As an additional treatment, to re-nourish and revive the leather, occasionally leave the wax on overnight (with the exception of light and mid tan leathers). Use sparingly, you really don’t need too much!

The colour doesn't look exactly what I ordered?

All leather will vary very slightly in colour and texture. ‘Claro’ is a light natural tan and will vary more than most, showing natural grains and imperfections in the leather. However, over time and following our care guide, the boots will develop a beautiful natural patina.

Marks and grains in the leather

Whilst great care is made to ensure your boots reach you in pristine condition, they are entirely handmade by skilled artisans and will not always look ‘absolutely perfect’ due to the traditional way in which they are made and how they are handled during production. Minor marks and grains are often part of the character of the superior leather we use and can usually be polished out over time and will not affect the fit and wear of your boots.

Will the colour fade?

By following our care guide your boots should maintain their colour for many years, However, some colours will fade more but you should keep them waxed with coloured polish where possible to maintain the colour. We keep stock of our coloured luxury waxes in the online store.

What about polished, high gloss, nubuck or suede leather care?

We recommend that you use a patent spray for polished and high gloss finishes and a nubuck or suede cleaner followed by protector for nubuckand suede leathers. Please follow any manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

The wax looks too dark for my boots?

Our wax is like a creamy mousse in texture and is quite thin once applied. You will notice it’s far more transparent once it’s actually on your boots - but do use sparingly as advised above!

What happens if my boots get wet?

Our boots are exceptionally hard wearing and have been through rigorous testing. We have several clients in the UK, who have ended up in muddy ponds, who have simply put the boots in an airing cupboard overnight, then re-nourished with our luxury wax, to then report back that the boots were as good as new.

What if I don't like my boots and want a refund?

In the highly unlikely event that you are not delighted with your boots, we cannot offer any form of refund or credit note. However, please do not hesitate to contact us in the first instance to discuss as most issues can be resolved easily.

As per our Terms and Conditions of Sale, Celeris boots are bespoke and handcrafted to order and therefore, your order is exempt from the Distance Selling Regulations and, as such, refunds cannot be given in respect of any made-to-measure boots for any reason. Our terms and conditions were prepared by our legal team and are fully compliant within the law.

Do you have an aftersales department for minor repairs in the future?

Whilst we do send boots back to the workshop for any repairs, within the warranty period, we do not find this is the most effective way for minor issues outside of the warranty period. Due to the high cost of shipping, insurance and the extended timescales, we recommend researching a local saddlery, who specialise in leather goods.

We highly recommend Calcutt and Sons, who offer a superior service by mail order with very reasonable prices.

What do I do if I have issues on delivery or within warranty period?

In the first instance give us a call or alternatively send us an email. Most issues can be resolved quickly and easily!

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