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Welcome to the home of our superior, made-to-measure, luxury riding boots and accessories. Choose from our exquisite collection of models or mix and match design features and infuse your own personal style to create distinctive, beautiful boots.

The Celeris brand has become synonymous with passion, luxury and quality. Our desire to deliver the most meticulous, made-to-measure, luxury riding boots is as strong now as when we began. Having gained a legion of ‘super’ fans and followers - both professional riders and amateurs alike marvel in their supreme fit, stylish designs and outstanding performance.

Created in a small workshop in Northern Portugal – every single boot is handmade using traditional skills and craftsmanship and only the finest leathers and premium accessories. 24 measurements are sculpted precisely for the perfect fit that we are renowned for. With seemingly endless ways to customise and over 95 leather variations, we offer a truly bespoke riding boot for every equestrian.

Our Collection



Long boots

Meticulously made-to-measure, handmade riding boots
of distinction

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Short boots

Luxurious and comfortable
made-to-order, handmade
short boots

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The most beautiful boots.

Anna Ross, International Dressage Rider, Team GBR

I just unpacked and tried on my new boots. They are freakishly, absurdly beautiful. The fit is perfect. Everyone should have many, many, pairs.

Kristen Guest, Dressage Rider, CANADA

Safe to say they may not have changed my riding (to be of the same level) but I truly believed I was Charlotte D. I absolutely love them!

Caroline Morley, Amateur Dressage Rider

Holy shit!!! Wow!!! My boots are beautiful. Fit like a glove. The whole house smells like saddle leather. Beautifully made.

John Rider, Dubai

OMG, Celeris, they are marvellous!!!
Thanks soooooo much, ❤️ them!

Jess Turner, Dressage Rider

Great experience, so much choice and excellent service, my boots feel so special. Thank you Celeris, I will be recommending them to everyone!

Katy Downing, Dressage & Jumping

I looked everywhere to find boots to fit my I went to Celeris with no expectations or confidence but as soon as I put my new boots on they fitted like gloves. Thank you Celeris!

Di Johnson-Hill, Amateur Rider

Your reviews are all true!! It’s like the saying, they were born ready or in this case, they were ‘made’ ready! I love them.

Gemma Appleton (nee Green), International Dressage Rider

I didn’t think it was possible for me to love Celeris boots any more than I do already, but my new boots are so amazingly comfortable AND my feet are cosy warm too!!

Kirsten Hendry, Event rider

I just wanted to say nearly 4 months down the line, I still totally adore my boots and could not be more pleased I chose Celeris.

Victoria Heaviside

Absolutely superb experience and amazing customer service right through from fitting to the delivery! I have never had boots that fit so sleekly and make my legs look twice as long!

Suzanne Clayton, Dressage Coach

Fabulous boots, fabulous service and Cate is an absolute pleasure. Love my boots (all of them!!)

Nadia Lister, Happy Horse Owner

Several of my friends have Celeris boots of The boots are the best investment I’ve made in riding kit ever. The fit is perfect, the leather luxurious and they are pleasure to ride in. I’ll definitely be buying another pair!

Emma Clarke, Amateur Dressage Rider

After more than six or seven pairs, I wouldn’t want to ride in any other boots! They’re amazing!

Molly Key, Dressage Rider

My Celeris boots give me the confidence to ride well after a nasty accident that left me with pins in my legs. I will never purchase another make of boot in my life time.

Jade Easton, Riding Club Rider

I adore my Celeris boots, they are stunning. I feel amazing in them and look forward to putting them on every day, I don’t think I can ride in anything else.

Caroline Cooper, Bayfield Stud Dressage Horses