Do you ship outside of the UK?

We are a super small company and only sell directly. We only supply our bespoke long boots, made-to-order short boots and accessories directly within the UK, USA and Canada and countries within Europe with the exception of Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Netherlands, UAE, New Zealand and Australia where you will find an agent/reseller. 

Please note: all other items in our online store are shipped globally.

How long do your boots take to make?

We are currently looking at 10 - 14 weeks on average. However, many jumping boots (with rear zips) are much quicker and this is mainly down to the fact they are easier to make with less pieces in the puzzle. Many boots are arriving around the 10-week mark but we would rather over estimate than under estimate. That said, even the Diogo can take up to 14 weeks depending on the intricacies of the customisation required.

Almost every boot is different to the one made before so sadly we cannot speed up this process. We are known for our perfect fit and this is in part down to the time and care taken to create your #beautifulboots!

What if I need my boots by a particular date, do you offer an express service?

We do offer an express service for an additional £125. The estimate is up to 6 weeks, excluding shipping or collection within the UK, however, there may well be factors that affect your order and this won’t be available to you. Please ask about the express service during your fitting or when you contact the studio. The express service is limited to one client per month.

Why do they take so long?

We truly do not want to change the traditional way that our craftsmen create our boots and, therefore, what we receive in #beautifulboots we pay for in time. We do feel that we are unique and that we are a truly bespoke company. To change the way we do things would invariably lose the uniqueness that we offer and we do not want to become another production line.

Are they worth the wait?

In almost all cases the boots arrive with a perfect fit, first time, so yes! We would rather our boots are perfect than arrive much sooner but don’t fit.

What if they don’t fit?

Whilst incredibly rare, our boots are made by hand so it’s possible to make a mistake. However, any such mistake would be considered very small and mainly down to the number of measurements we take. Any issue would be resolved very quickly and very easily. No problem is too big to resolve

I ordered at the same time as my friend but hers arrived first?

Many factors affect the lead time and will be down to a combination of the boot model, the leather required and the customisation and detailing requested. For these reasons boots are not made in strict chronological order and it would be impossible to do so. However, all boots are made using the same exacting standards and skill and no corners will be cut in the production of your boots.

What is the estimated due date?

The date we provide on order, is an estimate and as such not guaranteed. We will do our very best to deliver your boots within this time but if this date is exceeded it will be purely down to the requirements of the order and the subsequent time required to create your #beautifulboots

Will I get compensation for late delivery?

We will not offer any compensation for late delivery, we simply cannot guarantee a date and are transparent about this from the start.

We realise that our quoted lead times are long, so please do consider this if looking to purchase our boots. Further information is given during your consultation and on all paperwork that we send out giving you the chance to change your mind if the estimated time isn’t acceptable.

What if I don’t want them after the wait?

You are buying a bespoke product and we do not issue refunds under any circumstances. In the very worst scenario the boots would be remade. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Sale, which have been prepared by our legal team in full accordance with the law.

Where is your leather sourced?

Our 100% natural leather is sourced only in Portugal and Italy. Our hides are dyed with natural pigments and no chemicals are used during this process to maintain as natural a finish as possible and creating beautiful leathers that will last for many, many years. Longevity will depend on many things, including how the leather is cared for.

Do you have the option for eco leather?

Due to the limited options available, the lack of testing and the additional costs associated with such leather, we do not offer this at this time and are unlikely to do so in the near future.

Do you stock ready-to-wear long boots?

Our long boots are made-to-order and fully made-to-measure and therefore we do not keep any stock.

Do you have any second hand or sample boots available to purchase?

From time to time we might have the odd pair of boots to buy and you will find these in the online store.