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At Celeris UK we remain as passionate today, as we were the day we opened the doors to our little workshop in Felgueiras, Portugal, eleven years ago. Back then it was in the basement of the home of our founder, Artur who learnt and honed his craft traditionally from generations of bootmakers and leatherworkers in his family. From humble beginnings we have grown, yet we continue to work even more passionately to provide truly bespoke handmade riding boots. Read about how Cate met Artur here

As a family business we are committed to providing exceptional riding boots for every equestrian. Each and every single pair of boots are cut and prepared on the same table by the same hands. Incredibly, after all these years, they are the exact same hands - using all 24 measurements to create a template and a unique pattern for every rider. We never use any standard sizes which makes our riding boots truly custom made. 

 It's all in the name. 

During the very early days as a yet unnamed company, we knew we had to have a name closely associated with a horse, something quite magical, something to be considered a legend. Whilst researching historical horses Artur read the story of Pegasus, the White Winged Horse founded in ancient Greek Mythology. Celeris was the only winged son and stood second only to Pegasus in splendour and speed and in his star constellation his head is only visible alongside the full size of his sire Pegasus in the celestial race in the sky. Artur knew instantly this was to be his brand's name and the inspiration for our beautiful logo. 

The first collection.

Initially we had three signature boot models; the Passage, the Bia and the Diogo. These are the foundation of all boot models we have created since. We now have 30 models to choose from (and growing) and in excess of 100 leathers. We are known as much for our diversity of colours and styles, as we are for our perfect fit. 

In 2015, our Bia boot became the most revered boot on the equestrian market and our best-selling model - outselling every other model. The Bia boot was first designed and created in 2009 by Artur, with the main inspiration based on historical Portuguese riding boots. By 2017, most major brands had a version of our Bia. However, we proudly maintain we own the best Bia - by far. Created with superior components and handcrafted by the most highly skilled craftsmen - it takes two to lace, to this very day!

What we're made of.

When we first began our journey, we made it our priority to source the best quality leathers and components. As a fledgling company it wasn’t easy, but that didn’t stop us. All of our boots are crafted from the finest leathers, the highest quality components and a fully patented sole. In 10 years, our sole hasn’t changed and it is without a doubt, the backbone of our boots. Our special sole starts as a fully stitched part and is then sealed with a second section that covers the stitched part, before being sealed air-tight in a machine designed by Artur and created in Italy. 

Our patented sole withstands all the water, sand and daily elements a rider will encounter and everything that is thrown at it. In the process of rigorous research and product testing, we have never found anything comparable. We are often asked why we don’t provide a wooden sole, and whilst they might look nice initially, they will often rot and break over time. Wooden soles will not work in harmony with the elements and for that reason we would simply not consider it. That said we do offer vibram soles and can add ontyte magnetic systems to our soles too where clients need these speciality products. 

Details, all the little details. 

An often overlooked, but vital component, our YKK zippers are another source of pride. They are the strongest zippers meeting the demands and needs of every one of our riders and it is incredibly rare that our zippers fail. Our insoles are the most comfortable and supportive we could buy and clients with high arches are impressed with the support they provide. From sheepskin lining, new galvanised hardware for the Bia boots, water resistant suedes, diamanté detailing, swarovski fabric leathers and with the option to monogram your boots we think we have chosen the best of the little extra things too. Our buttons and pins have recently been upgraded to gold and silver coated with a crisp new logo branded onto them. We are an ever-evolving company and we will continue to improve, however small, in every single area that we can, whilst never compromising. 

The fabric of us. 

Our leathers are now supplied by the leading luxury tanneries globally, who also supply some of the world's finest designer brands. Our leathers are all pigment dyed and will in some cases show grains and imperfections adding to the outstanding feel and appearance. Our leathers will vary in thickness as we choose not to use chemicals in the production process. Using chemicals is a preferred process by those who wish to ensure every bit of leather looks totally uniform and pristine, but in doing so makes the leather much thinner. We are often asked if we can use vegan leather but unfortunately after extensive testing, we discovered that we would be compromising our unapparelled perfect fit and longevity. Vegan leather does not stretch or mould making it almost impossible to create the perfect shape that will be comfortable for the rider.

Where we are now.

In year one, we were just five people, which included Artur and his wife Maria. We now employ 18 talented craftsmen and women working in the workshop and a further 7 outside, all having learnt the art of bootmaking from our founding craftsmen. It is worth mentioning that almost everyone working with us is family or family friends, we are proud to work with and support our extended family. Having outgrown our first workshop, we moved to a new workshop two years ago - and have already outgrown this! Early in 2019 it was decided that we should build our own purpose built atelier. The land has been purchased, the plans have been drawn up and the workmen assigned - we are excited to watch this dream become a reality in 2021.

We are renowned for our funky styles but equally for simple, perfect fitting boots - whatever the colour or design. From pink and spotty to plain black, we have perfection for every equestrian and a guarantee of stunning boots. As a small business we can only produce a certain number of beautiful boots per month, which has meant that at times, specifically major holidays, there has been longer lead times. As our team grows and our workshop expands, we are working hard to reduce lead times considerably. That said perfect boots will always come first - before the time it takes to create them.

Where we will be. 

2020 sees the ten-year anniversary of opening our doors of superior craftsmanship and design to the equestrian world. This year will see design refinements to our best-selling models, brand new boot designs, even more leathers and limited editions collections, new equestrian products, a ready-to-wear range and more fashion footwear.

The future is truly exciting for Celeris and our riders, and we hope you enjoy the journey with us. Our quality and attention to detail will only improve as we grow. When you buy Celeris you are investing in a company that will never cut corners and will always create the most perfect, beautiful boots - just for you.