How do I order?

You can book at fitting at our beautiful studio in Cobham, Surrey – just 5 mins off either junction 9 or 10 on the M25 or provide your own measurements.

What happens at a fitting and does it really take 45 mins?

We have all of the models and leather samples to view and yes, most clients really don’t want to leave and struggle to ask all of their questions during this time! Whilst many clients have an idea of what they want to buy in advance, they are often not so sure after a few minutes in the studio! There is so much choice, and so many options, and this is more obvious in the studio than by viewing the range online. 100% of clients say, the boots are even better in the flesh, which makes the choice even harder!

During the consultation we are able to assess your requirements and narrow the choice down. We go through a comprehensive checklist identify the perfect boot for you before taking a full set of measurements.

How do I book a fitting?

Book on the link in the menu to book a fitting to suit you.

Will you send information, prior to my fitting?

We will send you an email, usually a few days before your fitting, explaining what to expect, what to wear and how to find us. Please ensure your email is correct when booking in online.

What do I wear to a fitting?
The breeches you usually wear - it’s not necessary to wear anything thicker, unless you regularly switch between different weights of fabric but we would always prefer the thinner unless you wear thicker far more often.

If you are wearing winter weight breeches it’s worth bearing in mind that they are substantially thicker so, unless your boots are for winter, it would be worth at least bringing along a summer pair. If you want your boots for fashion please wear leggings or skinny jeans.

Do you ship outside of the UK?

We supply our bespoke long boots, made-to-order short boots and accessories directly within the UK, USA and Canada and all other countries with the exception of Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Netherlands, UAE, New Zealand and Australia where you will find an agent/reseller. 

Please note: all other items in our online store are shipped globally.

How do I order if I can’t attend a fitting in person?

You can follow our comprehensive guide and use our online form to submit your measurements. Our guide is easy to follow and many, many clients purchase this way and all have perfect boots. 

Once we receive your measurements, we will scrutinise them before sending you a checklist and any requests for further information or additional measurements. We are as fussy about our online orders, as those received in the studio, and we can spot any potential issues easily given the number of measurements and cross-checking measurements we require.

How do I send my order?

Complete the online order form and click submit. Your form will then be sent to us for review and we will send you a checklist and possibly ask for confirmation of certain measurements. With our extensive experience, we can usually spot any areas that we need to check. Once we are satisfied with the measurements we will issue an invoice and start the ordering process.

Is it easy to measure yourself?

It really is! Yes, it’s time consuming but anyone can hold and read a tape measure. The difficulty is in where to measure and that’s where the comprehensive, step-by-step guide comes in. We can also assist by phone or skype too but we rarely have to.

What if I get it wrong?

In the unlikely event that you do, most issues can be resolved easily and we will do everything possible to resolve locally. In the worst-case scenario the boots will go back to the workshop for a minor adjustment – a bit like tweaking a wedding dress!

What are the shipping costs within the UK?

One pair of long boots costs £20 with Parcelforce 24, fully insured.

What are the shipping costs to the US and Canada?

One pair of long boots costs £65 and shipping is 2-3 working days. Boots are both tracked and insured.