What is the cost of a long pair of bespoke boots?

All prices can be found on the page for each model but we have two starting price points, regular models (soft panels) and dressage models (reinforced outer panel). Both regular and dressage models are identical to look at, with the exception of the Polo, which has a different design on the foot in the dressage model.

Regular Models: Price from: £565
Dressage Models: Price from: £700

Note: due the currency exchange rate, prices will increase up to 10% from January 2018.

What does the customisation cost?

Style pack: £50 and allows unlimited customisation; the addition of diamante, stripes and cut out tops. This also allows you to mix and match models but not to add something that we don’t already have available.

Note: due the currency exchange rate, prices will increase up to 10% from January 2018.

Does changing the colour of straps and panels cost more?

These is no additional cost to the base price if you mix and match colours on the straps or the different panels of the boots.

How many colours are there to choose from?

We have around 65 different leather samples and limited edition leathers. All leather samples can be seen in the studio. Due to the fact that each and every boot is handmade for each client, it is impossible to have samples of every boot available but the Gallery and Instragram are great sources of inspiration!

Will the colour be identical to the colour swatch or photo’s online?

We advise all clients that the leather will be the same shade and depth but we cannot guarantee an identical match. Our boots are handmade with care but leather colours will vary from any sample and will show grains and imperfections in most cases, which simply adds to the uniqueness and authenticity.

What if I want a special colour?

We can source any colour leather or get as close a match as possible! Ask about our design service – extra charges will apply.