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Letizia sport

Letizia sport

A sporty version of our popular Letizia short boot with a chunky sole. More often favoured as a fashion boot and available in any colour or colours from our entire collection. 
  • Box Calf
  • Full Grain Calf Skin Lining
  • Round Toe
  • Leather insole
  • Superior rubber sport sole
  • Available with or without sheepskin lining.




The actual price will be dependent on the colours and options required.

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Make your boots an expression of you. View the colours and options available to customise your perfect boots

Colours (114)


Black faux croc gloss

Black faux ostrich

Black glitter

Black gloss

Black matte faux croc

Black matte faux iguana

Black shimmer

Black suede

Black Swarovski

Black waxy nubuck

Charcoal grey suede

Elephant grey

Faux croc with gold glitter

Faux croc with silver glitter

Grey faux croc gloss

Grey matte faux croc

Hand-polished grey

Light grey

Light grey gloss

Light grey suede

Polished black

Textured black

Violet grey

100% sheepskin lining

Antique beige

Brown faux croc

Brown waxy nubuck

Cafe au lait gloss

Camel suede



Chestnut faux croc

Chestnut faux croc gloss

Chestnut faux gecko

Chocolate brown

Chocolate brown gloss

Chocolate faux croc

Chocolate faux croc gloss

Chocolate suede


Cognac gloss

Dark brown faux ostrich

Flower Power

Hand-polished brown

Light natural tan

Medium brown

Medium brown polished

Medium Tan

Medium tan faux iguana

Nut brown

Sand suede

Stone faux gecko

Tan faux gecko

Tan faux ostrich

Textured brown

Airforce blue

Airforce blue croc

Dark navy blue

Midnight faux cobra

Midnight faux croc gloss

Navy blue gloss

Navy blue suede

Navy shimmer

Navy waxy nubuck

Pastel blue

Petrol blue

Petrol blue suede

Polished navy

Royal blue

Royal blue faux croc gloss

Royal blue suede

Acid wash pink



Bright yellow gloss

Dark green

Dark polished green

Green suede

Hand-polished bordeaux


Orange suede


Oxblood faux croc gloss

Oxblood gloss

Pastel Lilac

Pastel pink

Peach Nectar


Purple gloss

Purple suede


Red faux croc

Red faux croc gloss

Red gloss

White faux ostrich


Faux baby giraffe

Faux leopard

Faux zebra

Hairy faux cow

Hairy faux zebra

Jelly bean

Military green nubuck

Pink faux leopard

Plum faux croc

Rose pink faux croc

Spotty diamante

Stingray blue mix

Jelly bean glitter

Rose gold glitter

Silver scales

Textured gold

Textured silver

Top style (24)

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Style 3

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Style 20

Style 21

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Style 24

Toe style (10)

No stitching

Plain stitching

Plain stitching with floral

Heart with plain stitching


Brogue with floral toe

Heart with brogue

Heart with brogue and floral

Deep heart with brogue