Your boots were an investment so it's worth looking after them and without a doubt cleaning and waxing your boots regularly will prolong their life and performance! We have clients returning to the studio after ten years (or more) and their boots look amazing and are still going strong after looking after the leather religiously. We also have clients return after a few months and the boots look ten years old as they haven’t had any care or attention. The good news is even if you have been neglecting your boots it’s not too late to start to give them the attention they deserve!
We only use natural matte leathers that are pigment dyed so they love to be nourished and cared for! Our leather will literally soak up our luxe cream wax creating the most incredible patina over time. If you have a combination of leathers on your boots do read the instructions below for all the different leather parts.
If you do have wet boots (from the weather etc) allow them to dry thoroughly before cleaning.
  1. Wipe your boots down with a damp sponge (not wet and definitely not dry).
  2. Use a leather cleaner on a damp sponge to remove any built-up of grime and dirt – especially in any creases! Our brand new foaming leather cleaner launches March 23 and we can say it’s simply amazing.
  3. Allow your boots to dry if damp (they don’t have to be bone dry).
  4. Apply our luxe cream wax sparingly with a damp sponge or our brush taking special care to get into all creases, hooks and stitching.
  5. Leave to soak in if your leather needs extra nourishment.
  6. Buff, buff buff (like crazy) with a brush getting into those creases, hooks and stitching. The brush will get into all those places easily. You can use a microfibre cloth but it won’t get into these places quite so easily.
  7. NOTE: don't over buff the inside panel for they will be slippery! 
  8. TOP TIP: add a nylon ankle stocking (the best fit) to your brush and rebuff your boots for the ultimate shine!
  9. Repeat regularly!
  10. The final step is to store them in a beautiful boot bag
  1. Wipe your boots down with a damp sponge (not wet).
  2. Use a specialist gloss cleaner that you will apply and buff off with a microfibre cloth.
  3. NOTE: You can use our wax but you would buff off with a microfibre cloth, not a brush. 
  1. Use a specialist suede cleaner if required.
  2. Use a specialist suede nano-protector regularly on all suede-based leather parts. This will protect and maintain their water-resistant properties.
  3. NOTE: Do not use wax on suede leather. Only use specialist suede cleaners and sprays. 
  1. Use a specialist nubuck cleaner if required.
  2. Use our specialist nubuck glycerine restorer and protector.
  3. NOTE: Do not use wax on nubuck leather. Only use specialist nubuck cleaner and protectors.   
It is imperative that you take care with your zips to avoid breaking any teeth or the entire zip!
  1. Never ever attach anything to the zip pull, if continued you will not only break the zip pull but the entire zip. Only use your fingers or someone else’s fingers (with your new boots) if they are a bit tricky initially.
  2. Always, from day one, get in the habit of sitting down to do up your zips. This will take the pressure off your calves whilst you can zip up easily.
  3. Brush out sand and dirt from the zip after every use (we use a toothbrush)
  4. Brush out sand and dirt from the leather between the zip and the zip cover at the same time as brushing out the zipper.
  5. Not vital but worth doing nonetheless: use a specialist zip wax (looks a bit like a lip balm) or a specialist zip spray with comes with a tiny straw like applicator (use this very carefully so as not to get on the leather)