Due to the phenomenal success of our BUY ONE GET ONE HALF PRICE* offer this will continue in 2024! 


We have added one extra ‘thing’ into the mix - pay both deposits (as you would anyway) and defer ordering the second pair until you receive your first pair, which will allow you to tweak your measurements for the second pair if you need to. *Extra postage costs will apply.

As you know during our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY YEAR 2020, we made the decision to allocate much of our marketing budget to the things that mean the most to us - our clients and the animal charities and disaster funds closest to our hearts. Instead of spending huge sums on sponsored riders, influencers, magazine advertisements or hugely expensive stands at horse shows we instead put that allocation into rewards for the people driving our company as much as we are - our clients. Without the support of our loyal clients (that will be you) our company would not be the company that we are today - we see every client as our ambassador and it is incredibly rare for someone to come to us that hasn't been recommended. So this reward is for those that want to invest into our incredible riding boots created by hand, with as much passion as you can imagine, in our workshop in Portugal. 



Buy one pair of handmade-to-measure custom tall boots at full price with 2 boot bags and get the base price of the second pair of handmade-to-measure boots half price*! 

See our price guide. 


  • Book a fitting in the studio quoting BOGOHP
  • Book a zoom consultation quoting BOGOHP
  • Order online (existing clients do not need to supply measurements unless there are any changes to make). In the additional comments box add the description of your second pair of boots. Use code BOGOHP
  • Email us with your order quoting BOGOHP.



(there has to be some)

  • You must reside in the UK, USA or Canada or be an existing client regardless of location. If you live in a country without a Celeris reseller you’re included too! 
  • Only valid for a client buying two pairs using the same measurements. However, we will allow different sizing to allow for winter socks for or a sheepskin lining for example.
  • Cannot be shared with a friend. 
  • The base price of the second pair is half price, any custom options and shipping are additional cost. 
  • Deposit £250 for each pair of boots. Balance due on collection or dispatch from the studio. 
  • Lead times estimated at 12 weeks depending on design and is from the date the order is signed off (not the invoice date). 
  • Not valid against any order currently in production.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • Our full terms and conditions apply.
  • You must add the code BOGOHP on the order form or tell us in the studio during your appointment. We cannot add the discount once an order has been placed.
  • We reserve the right to cancel this offer at anytime without notice.
  • Not valid against any ready-to-wear adults' or childrens' boots.

Happy #superboot shopping!

Team Celeris UK, USA & Canada 




Can I share the offer with my friend?

No, boots are to be made in exactly the same measurements for one client only. 

What payment is required on order?

£250 per pair. The balance payable on collection or dispatch from the studio.

Can the second pair be any model, design or colours?

Yes, the second pair is totally custom too. 

Can I order one pair and try the fit first before ordering the second pair?

Yes, you most definitely can but additional shipping charges will apply. 

If I didn’t add a top my boot would be the base price ?

Yes! Only our tops are an extra cost and not included ! Different style toe stitching (or heel/toe cap colour) and different straps are part of the base price !