celeris buy on get one half price

UPDATE: This offer is going to run until the 31st December 2020! Simply quote BOGOHP when ordering online or by email! ALL orders must be placed by the 31st December, this means the deposit paid and the design approved and processed.  

We ended 2019 knowing that we were going to shake things up a little in 2020. With new leathers and a collaboration with a very famous partner on the horizon, the only time this world-famous brand has ever worked with a boot brand (we are rather proud of this fact) and new leather products, which will work seamlessly with our collection and have in some cases been much requested.  We have also tweaked models during 2019 and yes it’s hard to improve on perfection but we are an evolving company, at the forefront of new innovations and designs and we are continually looking for the smallest, tiniest ways that we can improve our designs - using new and better components, tiny pattern changes and leather from the most famous tannery in the world when in the beginning we couldn’t even get set up a meeting. We are so proud of who we are and so excited of where we are going. 

So during our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY YEAR 2020, in January we made the decision to allocate much of our marketing budget to the things that mean the most to us, our clients and the animal charities and disaster funds closest to our hearts. Instead of spending huge sums on magazine advertisements or hugely expensive stands at horse shows we are instead putting that allocation into rewards for the people driving our company as much as we are. Without the support of our loyal clients (that will be you again) our company could not be the company that we are today. So this reward is for those that want to invest into our incredible riding boots created by hand, with as much passion as you can imagine, in our workshop in Portugal. 


When clients come to the studio (or order online) the consultation process begins in earnest and it’s usually then that we discover a list of boots has already been drawn up and which one to buy first is often the difficult part. This really is a real problem.

Buy one pair of custom riding boots at full price, with spur straps and protectors, a belt and one boot bag (or two boot bags for £100) and get one pair of custom riding boots HALF PRICE.   

If buying just short boots another pair will be half price. If buying chaps, short boots will be half price. 

Make sure quote the code BOGOHP when placing your order, once processed we cannot add the offer.

The thing we hear the most is ‘one pair is never enough’ maybe going forward not so much so?  If you need help or want to ask us any questions book a Skype consultation and you will have our undivided attention!


  • Book a fitting in the studio quoting BOGOHP
  • Book a zoom consultation quoting BOGOHP
  • Order online (existing clients do not need to supply measurements unless there are any changes to make). In the additional comments box add the description of your second pair of boots. Use code BOGOHP
  • Email is with your order quoting BOGOHP.



(there has to be some)

  • You must reside in the UK, USA or Canada or be an existing client regardless of location. If you live in a country without a Celeris reseller you’re included too! 
  • Only valid for a client buying two pairs using exactly the same measurements. Cannot be shared with a friend. 
  • Deposit £250 for each pair of boots. Balance due on collection or dispatch from the studio. 
  • Lead times estimated at 8-10 weeks depending on design. 
  • Not valid against any order currently in production.
  • Our full terms and conditions apply.
  • You must add the code BOGOHP on the order form or tell us in the studio. We cannot add the discount once an order has been placed.


  1. I want to take up this offer but not order until a later date, how do I do this?

Simply pay your deposit for one pair (£250) and contact us when you are ready to order. At the point of ordering the deposit for the second pair (£250) will be due. The balance will only be due when both pairs arrive in the studio for collection or shipping! Pay your deposit here. 

  1. Is offer valid at the away days or for appointments already booked?

Yes, it is and yes you can.

  1. Can I share the offer with my friend?

No, boots are to be made in exactly the same measurements. 

  1. What payment is required on order?

£250 per pair. The balance payable on collection or dispatch from the studio.

  1. Can the second pair be any model, design or colours?

Yes, the second pair is totally custom too. 



Happy super boot shopping!

Team Celeris UK, USA & Canada