Introducing our inaugural collection of childrens' custom made-to-order, ready-to-wear riding boots - with superior super soft real leather, flexible sizing and a grippy sole!


We know that our adult custom boots are an investment and when buying for children we know they will grow out of them - so we have added as many options as possible to ensure durability and the longest life.


  • Sizes 27 EU to 34 EU

  • Specialist real leather sourced with children in mind.

  • Only available in black

  • Wiggle room - by removing our secret insole you will get an extra 1/2 a shoe size when needed.

  • Elastic panel for calf flexibility

  • Lead time 2 - 3 weeks.

  • Created by our own artisans in our own workshop in Portugal




When you buy a new pair of celeris KIDS custom ready-to-wear boots we will also give you a 25% discount off another pair purchased within 12 months too!


Introductory offer price £200 including 3 tops of your choice! RRP from July 1st will be £240 with 1 top included (For Gabi boots) will come with a standard black top too. 


Note: BOGOHP and any other offer for our custom tall boots will not apply to childrens' boots.





Gabi, with interchangeable tops and available with or without ankle laces.



Josef, available with or without ankle laces (no interchangeable tops).


Nelo, the cutest little paddock boots.



Design using any leather (maximum two colours) from our collection.




We only require the shoe size (or foot length), calf and height. Always measure over breeches and socks or the riding clothes usually worn. Contact us or book a zoom for help with this.

Each calf size expands by 2cm so a 21,5 cm calf will be 21.5cm-23.5cm (maximum calf size).





Note: these are strictly designed for children and only available for children. They are not intended for or suitable for any adult rider and as such we will not knowing sell these boots to any adult, regardless of their measurements.