Giddy up!


Giddy up

This year we celebrated the launch of cc x miltonmenasco’s super sassy range of luxury sweatshirts. A collaboration between friends Celeris UK CEO Cate (cc), who saw this as a personal project and Alli Addison (mm), better known as @miltonmenasco on social media.

Six months ago when we teased our followers with a sneaky peak of the slogan Giddy Up during a photoshoot, our inboxes (on both sides of the Atlantic) went crazy with requests to ‘print it now!’ We thought, thought again and then thought some more before truly believing riders saw it for the strictly tongue-in-cheek camaraderie between equestrians that we intended.

Work then began on sourcing the finest quality premium sweatshirt we could find with ethical credentials and the perfect fit. We wanted a relaxed boyfriend (ish) fit with long sleeves that allowed for riding (without ending up around our elbows), the perfect stay in place waistband, a lighter weight fabric that hung beautifully and could be layered and importantly an ethically produced product with organic credentials. Not too much to ask then?

Sweatshirt sourced (finally) we decided on two slogans, Giddy up and Luxe Pony Club - a nod to the club we will simply never leave, for our first foray into fashion of which both of us knew Not. A. Thing. Production started and we were off and as we’d almost sold out at pre-order we crossed our bridles and prayed to Pegasus. A month later the sweatshirts dropped in the studio and we couldn’t get into the boxes quicker and wow – we had no idea what to expect but we expected a lot (and we got it). Next step (the same day) was to ship the goodies to LA where Alli lives and sit back and await the menasco magic – and as a marketing supremo we had no idea what to expect but we knew it would be so good – and boy it was.

After shipping out 100’s of sweatshirts all we had to was sit back and wait for the verdict. Not happy to just have the best slogan of 2019, we wanted the best sweatshirt too – and just one day after the first huge batch was dispatched, the reviews rolled in, one after the other – love, love, love e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g was the unanimous melody we could hear and not one single sweatshirt was returned for the sizing either. 

So what did Cate and Alli do next? Limited edition Giddy up and brand-new slogan Hey Breeches! are about to drop for Christmas and tees are coming for spring 2020. With more unashamedly audacious slogans in the bag, watch out for more badass babe à la modecoming your way in 2020. 

We truly hope you love and remember they must be worn with attitude!

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Cate & Alli