Pick a colour, almost any colour!

At this exact moment (and I know because I just counted them), we have 95 colours (more coming March 2020) comprising a mixture of smooth, textured and printed leathers.

Second only to ‘which boot do I choose?’ comes, ‘how on earth do I choose the colours'? Is there really any such thing as too much choice or too many options – possibly. If like me you are a) a perfectionist b) a procrastinator and b) full of OCD – one or more, or god forbid all of these traits might just turn this design process into a nightmare. A bit too dramatic? Not so, choosing the right boot is a big deal, a really big deal. Being an expensive purchase, each client, quite rightly, wants to get it right. Usually, within 10 seconds of stepping in the studio, the client suddenly realises that our hour appointment (which seemed excessive when booking) might just take every minute of that hour – or 4 more …

The very first question we ask with reference to colour (when a client is struggling) is usually is what colour is your horse - maybe not surprisingly in an era where matchy-matchy is of as much importance as the brand of your hat.

For example, for those with a red horse we suggest steering clear of reds, pinks, yellows and some more orangey browns (depending on the level of gingerness or strawberryness), for obvious reasons. We then ask about breeches and the colour or colours preferred. I personally favour dark colours and for no more reason that anything else would be filthy in minutes and no, I rarely would consider white jeans.

Fortunately, it’s rare to find a client who wears all colours of the rainbow, which, in truth, would be a bit of a stab in the dark but find below a mini guide to our colour rules – feel free to bend them as much as required!

Black Boots

Black is black and there are no levels of black, however, there are textures and glosses to mix it up all nicely to produce an equally beautiful boot with some unique touches. Black is chosen more often than you’d imagine and is second only to light natural tan in our colour chart. Is universally accepted as a colour that can be worn with any shade of horse or riding outfit.

Blue boots

From royal blue to dark blue black – it’s worth remembering that unless side-by-side, with a black boot, our darkest navy is very navy and almost black. From a distance you would be hard pushed to tell but you know and that’s all that matters. Navy is safe and dependable and worn best with navy, grey or beige breeches and any colour horse, rather like the black. Royal blue and bright blue faux crocs are for the wilder amongst us who are really not bothered about the breeches – the boots will do the talking. With so many show jackets being navy the navy boot is almost the number one option for a competition boot!


From mid-brown to dark chocolate, these shades of browns are very popular choices for those desperately wanting to choose tan boots but feel they are a little impractical - so opt for the safer bet. Stylish with any shade of brown breeches and horse from beige to dark, however, if you have a dark bay and choose dark brown boots – just about anything will match!


From light natural tan to through to camel these colours are easy-peasy to wear with just about any colour breeches and you can even get away with these on a chestnut (of any shade). A colour that stands out and is constantly admired for all the right reasons – just be prepared to answer ‘they’re Celeris boots’ a lot.


From pale pinks to deep Bordeaux, these are best for those who, surprisingly, prefer dark colours for both horses and breeches and look particularly stylish with denim. Not ideal for a chestnut sadly although, if you dare, who are we to question?


From pale dove grey gloss to dark elephant grey, another range for those favouring dark breeches, although brown breeches would clash somewhat, however, by how much, would depend on your levels of OCD. Perfect with a dark horse or on the contrary, and maybe obviously, greys!

Bright Colours

From florescent yellow to purple faux croc gloss, there’s a lot to choose from in this psychedelic colour wheel and only the bold and those that want to stand out, thumb through this oohing and ahhing and for them there is no rule-book!

Animal Prints

From baby cheetah to patterned faux croc, those wearing these are not bothered about colours or tradition; it’s all about the leopard baby!