With every single order being completely different to the boot created before, we are consider ourselves a totally bespoke company producing only custom products handmade-to-exact-measures and made-to-order only. Pricing will be dependent on the boot that you choose, the precise customisation selected and the complexity of the pattern (if placed as a special order and outside of our usual pattern).  It is rare that any two boot orders are totally identical and we feel it's only fair to pay for what you want to buy rather than have set pricing. We use 24 measures to make each pair of beautiful boots - we make a boot for the right leg and a boot for the left leg (as most riders will have different calf sizes) so we consider our blueprint for each pair of boots to be as accurate as is possible to provide the perfect fit. 

We offer a full consultation (non-obligatory) service in the studio and via zoom, where we can discuss your requirements, the options available and the exact pricing. The information below is a guide to our current pricing. 

We do not use any standard sizing or standard panels in the creation of our boots. As they are totally handmade and in this respect may show grains and imperfections will not affect the performance or longevity of our boots as we only use the most incredible leathers from the best tanneries in the world. Whilst leather and component prices have increased globally we would never choose cheaper or inferior products to enable us to keep prices the same. We will simply never compromise on the quality of our boots. 



Choose a colour or any colours from the entire range, select any fastening (options will depend on the model) and choose any toe style (some are not available on certain models and we will advise this at your time of order). You can change the colour on most panels of the boot without any additional cost. Note that rear zip boots are just one panel of leather on the leg and there for cannot be a combination of colours but you could still have a contrast on the toe and/or heel if required. 

In a nutshell if you don't add a top or any additional styling this is the price you will pay:

  • from £825  Bia, Polo, Passage and Diogo collections with regular panels
  • from £925  Bia, Polo and Passage collections with reinforced outer panels. 
  • from £400 Half chaps Passage & Bia with reinforced outer panel
  • from £375 Half chaps Bia and Passage Day with regular panels
  • from £325 Diogo half chaps 
  • from £300 Bia Country boot
  • from £245 Custom short boots  
  • from £290 Custom short boots with full sheepskin lining
  • from £145 Made-to-order deck shoes   



On top of the base price of your boots, add a top and colours from our extensive range, add personalisation - initials or a logo, add bespoke diamanté, bespoke top design, add a sheepskin foot or have the entire boot fully lined with sheepskin.


  • Style pack (add TOP), £70
  • Crystal style pack (add TOP with crystals), £95 
  • Crystal spine, £100 
  • Genuine Swarovski crystal designs available from March 2024 and price will be on request. 
  • Crystals on spur protectors, add £10
  • Sheepskin foot, £50
  • Fully sheepskin-lined, £100
  • Monogramming, £40
  • Achilles heel protection pad £55 (per pair) 
  • Elastic panel add to a model which doesn't have an elastic panel, £55 (per pair)
  • Vibram sole, £30
  • Thicker lining, £25 (for professionals generally) 
  • Semi-reinforced panel £50
  • Special requests to customise our top designs (not to design another) will be quoted on request. Example: hand-placed crystal designs. 
  • Contrast stitching £35. 



Made-to-order horse boots in any colour or colours from the entire collection. 

  • Brushing boots £90 per set of 2.
  • Over-reach boots £76.50
  • Add logo £35 (per pair) 



We offer matching spur straps and protectors, with or without diamante, to compliment you boot design, boot trees and our luxury handmade, padded and partitioned boot bag (5 colours available). 

  • Belts from £58
  • Belts with full length of crystals from £78
  • Spur straps £25
  • Spur straps and protectors from £47.50 - £57.50
  • Luxury boot bag £73.50
  • Boot trees £19
  • Luxe restorative cream wax £17
  • Luxury foaming leather cleaner £14.50
  • Replacement extra-long laces for all Bia models £17.50
  • Luxe long socks £12 (Pack of 2, £20).
  • Leather insoles £14.50



By special request we can source leathers and fabrics to create a truly unique on-off boot. The consultation process will be much longer, whilst we source the leather and await approval. Starting from £200. We can give you more accurate price on request. 



We take a deposit of £250 per pair of boots. The balance is payable upon collection or dispatch from the studio. There is an option in the online store to make an adhoc payment during the production time if required. 



All prices are in UK sterling and you will be billed in sterling. Due to our invoicing system and, as all cards suppliers and banks charge different foreign currency rates, we are not able provide the cost in any other currency. Please also note your purchase may be subject to import taxes as you have not paid any sales tax on your order.