It all began with our iconic range of custom handmade-to-measure tall boots and custom short boots and over the years we added custom accessories. During 2020 we added brushing boots to our collection of beautiful things and more will be coming in 2021 but in the meantime here are the products you can customise to your hearts content with multiple colours, sheepskin lining and monogramming!


Our short boots or Bia Country Boots are super comfortable and made in our workshop using the same leathers and components as our tall boots and importantly with the same hands! It is possible to customise any panel on the boot (the number of panels will depend on the model) with any colour leather. A very popular customisation is to use one colour on the main part of the boot and use a contrasting or matching textured leather on the heel and toe.

Due to the cut of the leather on the Bia Country Boots the only option for a second colour is on the back-edge stripe. 

Options: sheepskin lining and monogramming (initials or even a logo).


The brushing boots can be made in up to 3 colours, the base, the leather on the elasticated straps and the reinforced panel (however, we only recommend matte leather here as it will get scratched!). The most popular option is for the base and straps to be in one colour and the reinforced panel in another but you can use 3 different colours!

The over-reach boots have three areas to customise too, the base of the boot, the Velcro strap on the front and the piping on the bottom edge!

Options: sheepskin (black or natural) or neoprene lining, monograming on the straps (not all leathers are suitable).


Select up to 2 colours for the deck shoes, one for the base of the shoes and the other for the section where the laces thread through. The most popular option is just one leather but of course the choice is yours!


Choose any colour in the collection with the option to add the belt loop in a matching or contrast leather.

To measure for our belts - measure an existing belt, end to end, excluding the buckle. We find this the most accurate way to get the correct size!

Options: silver or gold buckle


Available in any colours in the collection and you can buy as a set or separately. As a set the you can use two different colours for the straps and for the protectors too.

Options: silver or gold buckle