Hopefully you will have read our blog ‘A muddy field or a beautiful studio’ and know that we don’t do ‘shows’ as we want you to have an exceptional experience surrounded by so many beautiful boots and accessories (as it’s possible to cram into our pretty atelier) and we just can’t do that remotely.  We also feel that when you are trudging around shows and either boiling hot or freezing cold, your measurements can be affected dramatically. We would rather guarantee a perfect fit in the right conditions. 

Around 55 percent of our clients visit the studio and the remainder will use a combination of zoom consultations and emails and our comprehensive measuring guide. ‘Embrace the tape measure’ will give you the confidence to reach for the measure, grab a friend and go for it.

Visiting the studio

If you are close by or not in the case of many who visit us from all over the globe, from Norway and Iceland to Los Angeles and Sao Paulo and beyond, you can click here to access our online booking form.

Your appointment will last 1 hour (often much longer) and you will have our undivided attention, expertise and experience. You will see all of our models, the colours, the accessories and discuss all of the options before deciding what is best for you and possibly what will match your horse, jacket, lucky mascot or hat best. Most clients liken the consultation to that of a wedding dress fitting and many suggest it’s slightly better....

Existing clients.

Simply email us or complete the online order form. No measurements are necessary as we will hold your file from any previous order. However, it you do need to tweak any measurements please let us know, generally this might just be the height. 

If you can’t visit the studio 

You can use the online order form to submit your order and your measurements or email your order to us.

Once we receive your measurements we will scrutinise them before sending you a checklist and any requests for further information or additional measurements. We are just as fussy (if not more so) about our online orders and we can spot any potential issues easily given the number of measurements and cross-checking measurements we require and our vast experience. It is exceptionally rare to have any issues and over the past ten years this still remains at less than 1% of all orders. ‘Embrace the tape measure’ will give you all the information you need to be confidence to do this.

Book a zoom!

Once you have prepared a set of measurements, or if you would prefer to go through them with us ‘directly and in person’, you can book a zoom fitting where we scrutinise your measurements together, discuss your requirements and all the options available. Please note all appointments are GMT or BST depending on the time of year.

Can I talk to you ahead of preparing measurements?

Yes! Just book zoom consultation and we can talk beautiful boots before you make any decision!

Many clients would like to discuss their order before starting the measurements and we find the easiest way of doing this is a video call. We will be able to discuss our models, colours and make recommendations based on your requirements. 

Whilst in an idea world we would love to meet every single client in person it’s not possible (yet), however, we do feel we get to know our clients so well regardless through telephone calls, video calls and email and every single client and every single order receives the same attention to detail that we are incredibly proud of. So book a fitting or use the online order form and let the journey to beautiful boots begin!


We take a £250 deposit for each pair of custom tall boots ordered. The balance is not due until the boots are ready to be collected or shipped from the studio. 


'See you soon!'