Embrace the tape measure!

A perfect fit starts and ends with perfect measurements. At least 45% of clients provide their own measurements using our step-by-step guide and in all but the teeniest of cases (less than 1%) the boots are just as perfect as if we fitted them. It is not difficult to measure your legs, just a bit of a fiddle and time-consuming. My first pair took an hour and a half and I still remember it (and so does he) but he’s still wearing the boots 12 years later!

We realise that we talk about this subject a lot but the perfect fit, along with pure quality, is the basis of our brand - of our beautiful end product. We are unique in that how we make our boots, how we handcraft every boot, both the left boot and the right – it is our uniqueness, we embrace this and we won’t change it.

When a client supplies their measurements we will literally scrutinise them for imperfections, which, with so much experience, becomes rather obvious.  We will check and triple-check any areas of concern before finally settling on the magic numbers. Possibly the hardest measurement is the height. In the studio this is a process of elimination using our height cuff, but at home, and without our expertise, this is a tad trickier but all is not lost as we guide you through this too with the aid of an old pair of boots as the guide.

Ultimately, we would never process an order where we were unsure that the measurements were as accurate as possible. Likewise, if there were to be a minor issue (it certainly wouldn’t be more than a tweak), we would assist you, without question, and resolve in whatever way was required.  You can rest assured that we will be there until the #perfectfit is achieved whether, we measured you or not. It is worth noting that any minor fluctuations in weight will not affect the overall fit of boot, they just might not be a super-tight as we make them (which might not be a bad thing some might say).

If you have made an error in the measurements we will help resolve any issues but you will be responsible for the shipping costs to the studio and the return postage to you, if we need to have the boots back. This really would be less than a handful a year and generally measurements have changed (because every single one has changed) or as we have discovered lately, clients have 'added an allowance' and this really is a no no and we do make that clear. Follow the guide precisely and you can't go wrong. 

So if you can’t physically make it to the studio, download our guide and follow every single step (because we know when you haven’t) and read the ‘important’ section – twice, before grabbing a helper (and getting them to read everything too) and setting aside and hour (or a few) whilst you fiddle with the tape measure in the pursuit of perfection. 




You must not measure yourself (ever) because you can't. Your muscles move as you do and this could be the difference between fitting and not. 

You must use sticky tape. Do not guess where you measured on the leg. Some clients use very stretchy elastic bands to pull into place before measuring! We don't recommend this at all if they are too tight and uncomfortable but this has worked successfully for many. 

You must not add cm or make any 'allowances' - at all. Measure precisely as requested. We make any allowances required as all of our leathers will have a different level of stretch and only we know this. This is particularly important with any boots with sheepskin! 

If you do want to be sure they are not tight measure in a thicker pair of socks but do be prepared to wear those socks if necessary. 

You must start the tape measure from ZERO. You would be surprised how many start at 1 ....

You must not be twisting to look at the person measuring. Stand tall, look up and forward at all times. 

You must check the height! This is the one we cannot alter under any circumstances. As a double check, if you have any existing pair that are perfect, measure the back seam end to end (you do not need to follow the contours just measure straight up) and excluding the heel. Use this as a guide or as the height measurement if you know they are perfect for you. 




We are here to help but please do remember we are a super small company, the same people that have tried super hard to provide perfect boots for you, are the ones you will be emailing. 

Your boots will have been checked by laser before they left us so they are the precise measurements supplied.

The first thing we will ask for is for you to try again with your thinnest breeches and ankle socks. Then to sit down when trying them on, this changes the shape of your calf making it much easier. 

If they still won't fit we will request a new set of measurements and will then offer lots of options. 

Please do not despair but we do ask you to be calm and trust our process :-) We are unique in that we truly care about our clients and their ultimate satisfaction and we are just as disappointed as you if there is an issue on arrival. Thankfully this is so so rare due to our due diligence prior to placing the order!

SO if you follow the guide we can say there will a far far less chance they won't fit :-)