A sheepskin lining really can be a gamechanger for those with sensitive feet as much for those who want added warmth! 

If I ever listened to our old studio manager Iona on her zooms she never failed to ask if the client would like a sheepskin foot or full sheepskin lining - always referring to sheepskin as a gamechanger for comfort! Since Iona had sheepskin in her first pair of Bia boots some years ago, all subsequent pairs have had a sheepskin foot – “they are like wearing ugg boots,” she regularly commented and we also now know from clients who have had a sheepskin foot that they too think it’s a gamechanger and always add it to future pairs! 

Sheepskin keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer – however, for extremely hot and tropical climates we probably wouldn’t recommend sheepskin for comfort during the hottest summer months! We can, however, report that clients regularly tell us that they do not get overly hot and clammy usually on a what we would consider a regular hot summer day. You would normally know yourself if you do suffer with hot feet in the summer so this should be your guide to whether they are truly suitable for you.



If you are supplying your measurements via zoom or our online order form, please do not add on extra cm or change your regular shoe size as all allowances for the additional sizing required to allow for the bulk of the sheepskin is completed in the workshop.




Just the foot 

We can line the foot in sheepskin and this encases the entire foot (it’s not just the insole). This is a brilliant option if you suffer with cold or sensitive feet but don’t need a full sheepskin boot and in all honesty, this is the most popular option.

We regularly recommend this lining for those buying a reinforced boot too for added comfort and for those buying a harder polished leather if we know they do struggle with new shoes or boots! That said we do have clients who know they get blisters and sore feet with new leather shoes or boots who will opt for the sheepskin foot regardless of the model or leather they have chosen.

Adding sheepskin to the foot £40


Full sheepskin lining

We line the entire inside of the boots. Clients living in extremely cold climates or who suffer with chilblains will often opt for the full boot to be lined. We can also leave out the inside panel to allow a closer contact with your horse but please do ask for this when ordering as they will come fully-lined as standard otherwise and the sheepskin cannot be removed after.

Adding sheepskin to the entire boot £90

Note: We can also offer full sheepskin lining excluding the inside panel which sits against the horse. Please do request this when you order. 



You do need to place your order no later than August to receive your boots December / January. If your winter season begins sooner please allow at least 12 weeks as the workshop closes during August each year so you need to plan ahead especially for the winter months!

Note: Sheepskin in either the foot or leg cannot be added once your boots have been made.