Buckle up!

Choosing the fastening on your boots can also be quite a challenge but possibly the easiest of all the choices offered during your fitting or whilst sitting at home (or the yard) rummaging through our website and social media pages.

With all models that have rear zips the fastenings are top and bottom - protecting the zip and the style of these cannot be changed.  However, that said you do still have a few options from using a different co-ordinating leather on both small straps or mixing it up and having a different colour top and bottom and you could add small initials too – small but unique to you. 

Front zip models you do have a few more choices from short strap and popper (snap), long strap and popper (snap) to a long strap and buckle. Even the buckles create yet more choices -  silver, silver with diamanté, gold, gold with diamanté, antique black and antique gold. Each option adds a different style and feel to your boot from traditional, contemporary and modern.

For a minimalist and traditional look opt for the small strap and popper, for a modern twist add the long strap and popper and for a contemporary look opt for the buckles.

Here’s our quick guide:


Straps are personal choice of course but clients who want to create the illusion of the longest leg length possible always opt for the small strap and popper, which sits across the zip but not across the laces. It is also the best option if you you want to be able to open the boots as wide as possible as it doesn't sit across the laces and is set in length. With this option the full length of lacing is on full displayed and will make any leg, regardless of size, look deceptively long! Opting for the long straps will most certainly not ‘shorten’ the overall appearance as the laced boots lengthen any leg line regardless. It's worth noting that the long straps cover the laces and many clients choose this option to keep the overall look 'neater' although with any option chosen put the laces to the inside of the boots so they are not showing at all. 


Polo & Polo Passage

The Polo is a real chameleon with each fastening option changing the overall style completely. With the option of two straps and buckles being the most chosen and most casual option, you can also choose either the long strap and popper (snap) for a contemporary modern look or short strap and popper (snap) for the traditional option and the most popular for competition boots. A bottom strap will not interfere with spur straps and protectors but for a less fussy look (or you prefer clean lines) opt for just the one top strap.


The short strap and popper is almost always the first choice. However, the long strap and popper (snap) and buckle has proved popular over the past 6 months and creates a gorgeous top line finish and a more contemporary style.

As with any other choices you are making during your design period, email or call us in the studio at anytime to discuss the creation of your beautiful boots - no question will be too much trouble and many clients spend a lot of time discussing options with us before nailing down their final design!