Four Supermodels!



We’ve grown a lot in the last ten years, and so has our boot model collection. Our boots are all handmade-to-measure, and we’re proud that our clients have hundreds of options for customisation and detailing. Out of the many variations we’ve made and delivered over the years, all of our boots are founded on four models – the Bia, the Passage, the Polo and the Diogo. 

This year – our tenth anniversary year in fact – we have looked very carefully at how we name our boot models and taken on your feedback. We’ve renamed some of our boots so that they are now named and categorised based on our four signature models. We hope this makes it easier to navigate all of our beautiful boot options and choose the perfect fit for you.



Simply stunning lace-up boots with discreet full-length zipper.

Our iconic and most revered model boot (and most imitated model) was designed in 2009. The Bia (pronounced bee-a) is a work of art, with support and structure coupled with so much style. The eye-catching lacing provides flexibility as well as the illusion of the longest leg line possible. It is available with both regular panels and a reinforced outer panel, although regular panels are still firm and very supportive.


Is the Bia for me?

It is a boot for dressage generally, but has been seen flying across the countryside also! The Bia is accepted for dressage competitions in the UK, and these clients tend to opt for black or navy and where we blend the hooks with the leather for a more subtle effect.

Whatever size calf you have, the Bia creates length and a slimming effect with the laces drawing the eyes upward. Clients love the ability to alter the sizing and it’s the model we recommend if you want to add full sheepskin to your boots. The Bia acts like a girdle pulling you in and offering just the right amount of support – a little like spanx for your calves! The flexibility is also perfect for those that might not want the tightness usually associated with breaking in new boots, as the Bia gives you the option to take the pressure off and then tighten again when you are happy you’ve broken them in enough.


The Bia collection 

Bia – the original model with an off-centre discreet front zipper, sealed hooks and laces. Our most loved and best-selling model.

Bia Day (formerly the Bella) – a relaxed version of the Bia created with lace eyelets rather than hooks for a slightly more casual look and feel to this super model.

Bia Sport (formerly the Rita) – our lace-up model with a rear zipper. Still preferred by many including those that jump, and those that want even more comfort practically from day one*. Can be created with either hooks or eyelets but cannot be reinforced.

Bia half chaps – the beauty of the Bia available as half chaps with or without reinforced outer panel. Available to customise just as you would the regular Bia.

 *Depending on the leather chosen.



The stylish dressage boot.

Our signature and most traditional dressage model, has a streamlined silhouette and sleek contours. The Passage is the first choice for those wanting a simple and elegant boot for pure dressage, although many use the Passage Day (formerly the Olivia) for almost every discipline. Available with or without reinforced outer panel although the regular panels are still very firm and not for the faint-hearted.


Is the Passage for me?

It can be a little daunting to most dressage boot newbies so we are very careful to understand a client’s requirements before recommending this boot. If you are used to a hard dressage boot you will simply love this model - we are told reliably by such clients and professionals that these are a dream to break in! If you love the style but not the rigid feel opt for the Passage Day.

Is the Passage Day for me?

If you love the traditional style of a true dressage boot but want softness and comfort (usually associated with a rear zip boot), as well as a supportive and elegant boot for use every day- this is your model!

Is the Passage Compete for me?

Designed as a pure competition boot or for those most definitely used to a hard dressage boot for everyday use. Usually preferred by those competing regularly and professional riders.


The Passage collection

Passage – a reinforced tradition dressage model, which will feel super firm and will need some breaking in. The outer panel is very firm and not what we would usually suggest as a first dressage boot unless you are prepared to spend some time adapting to the new feel and the additional breaking in required.

Passage Day (formerly the Olivia) – originally designed as a soft version of the Passage, with the same traditional styling. The Passage Day has softer edges and can be super soft or very firm depending on the leather chosen. It will feel much like the supremely comfortable Diogo but with the added benefits of the front off-centre zipper.

Passage Compete - the firmest of all our Passage family with a super hard reinforced outer panel. Almost identical to the Passage in style but with slightly different stitching around the heel, which most wouldn’t notice but as it’s all in the detail, and we added some extra detail!

Passage chaps - Available with or without reinforced outer panel. Available to customise just as you would the regular Passage.



A contemporary dressage model.

Our most fashionable model is a true multi-tasker and performs in just about any discipline. The Polo is firm and structured, giving fabulous support for dressage, but whip off the bottom strap and you have a contemporary jumping boot! The Polo is a front zip model available with regular panels or opt for the Polo Passage with a reinforced outer panel, and a more flexible ankle than the Passage. Designed generally with buckles, which can be switched out for straps with poppers if desired.


Is the Polo for me?

If you have a high instep avoid this model as the zip sits above the heel arch and this may mean this could be irritating. If jumping in the Polo or Polo Flex, choose a top strap only or a popper.


The Polo collection

Polo – our contemporary riding boot with central zip. Opt for two straps with buckles, or short or long top strap with poppers (snap).

Polo Flex (formerly the cici) - identical to the Polo but with a discreet panel for added flexibility.

Polo Passage - with a reinforced outer panel and created with an external zip so you can open the zip completely (a bit like a jacket) making it easier to take on or off.

Polo half chaps - available with or without reinforced outer panel. Available to customise just as you would the regular Polo.



Our signature range of jumping models.

Our signature jumping model also doubles-up as a smart and soft dressage boot. The Diogo is a streamlined and elegant boot without detailing, but customisation could include adding laces at the ankle, a different coloured top or fancy detailing on the toe. Ideal for those wanting a chic, multi-purpose boot.


Is the Diogo for me? 

This rear zip boot is created from one piece of leather wrapped around your leg without the structure of panels in the front zip models. If you are looking for a comfortable boot from day one with a supportive ankle and soft foot bed, the Diogo is for you. Traditionally for show jumping, many clients buy for dressage as a soft boot with very little breaking in required! Whilst the softest boot in our collection, the Diogo is still supportive and not at all floppy or flimsy! It’s worth noting a rear zip boot will accentuate the calf more.


The Diogo collection

Diogo - our signature jumping model. A simply stunning, close-contact boot. We don’t recommend gloss or polished leathers on the Diogo, simply because they don’t mould to the leg as well as a matte leather will on this model. Instead opt for the glossy and sparkly leathers for accents.

Diogo Brogue (formerly the Cate) - with heart shaped brogue detailing.

Diogo Pé (formerly the Marije) - with elegant piping on the ankle and higher stitching over the ankle/heel arch the foot is the feature of the Diogo Pé ( Pé meaning foot in Portuguese). 

Diogo Sport (formerly the Ana) - with laces added to the ankle.

Diogo Sport Flex (formerly the Santiago) - with discreet panel added for some flexibility.

Diogo Half Chaps - same sleek design in half chaps with a back zip and available with or without flex panel.


Final considerations when choosing your model:

  • All of our models will feel very different depending on the leather you choose. Suede is the softest option, with our polished leathers being the firmest.
  • Vibram soles are available on the Bia, the Polo and the Diogo only. Ontyte soles are available on all models.
  • We’re here to help you choose! Book a studio visit or a Zoom call where we can discuss all of your options in person and we can better advise you of the model and leathers most suited to your requirements.