On your toes

Toe caps

You would think that choosing the colour of your boots was the hardest part and you’d probably be right but after the model, colours and accents comes the toe cap and who’d have thought that might be a drama …
At last count we had 12 toe cap options and usually when a client is presented with these there is an audible inward groan as in most cases this hasn’t been considered and now they are presented with 12 – which doesn’t really seem a lot does it? Or does it?
Here’s our quick round up of the toes on offer …
No stitching – usually chosen by those with a smaller foot and nearly always on the Bia collection as there is quite a bit going on with the laces. In most cases this is the preferred look for the Passage and those wanting to maintain a traditional look.
Plain – double row of plain stitching and our suggestion for the those preferring a more contemporary look for the Polo or those choosing the Polo as a competition boot.  
Brogue – the most popular option for stitching on the toe and always a very popular addition to the toe cap of the rear zip boots. Adding just a little detailing and enough pizzazz to keep the more modest riders happy and not terrified they’ve gone too far.
Heart-shaped – a new style added in 2016 and whilst not as popular as the straight brogue, is growing in popularity. A very personal statement and can be both double stitching or brogue in detail.  Looks best with the floral punched toe.
Floral punching – The floral toe cap looks best when chosen with another toe cap. On its own it can look a bit like something is missing.
Piping – a contrasting leather can be added to the straight stitched toe caps. Not so popular and can make cleaning tricky if you have chosen a light leather against a dark one.
Which do we love? We love them all of course but currently brogue with floral punched toe is bang-on-trend and 1 in 4 clients are choosing this option! Like every trend this changes with the season and we’ll evolve as trends do and keep you on your toes at all times!