Zoom with us




For new clients and existing clients where we already have their measurements.


We will discuss all things beautiful boots and decide what the best options are for you. We will spend our zoom time just as we would in the studio, taking time to consider the equestrian that you are and what you need from your boots. From your equestrian discipline to your local climate (USA & Canada) and from whether you ride indoors all year to how much time you want to spend breaking your boots in – and almost everything in between. 

We strive to understand as much as possible so that we can advise you of the very best models to consider along with the best leather to put on those models. All of our questions are so important to ensure that we get you into the right boots for you. Very often a client will be set on a particular boot to deciding on a totally different model, for the right reasons, once we have completed our zoom. With over ten years’ experience, we know how each model will feel with each different leather type applied and why it’s incredibly important that we understand your expectations. Looking at a beautiful boot is one thing, stepping into it for the first time can be quite another so we want you to know exactly how that will feel. Stepping into a suede boot on a rear zip boot will feel totally different to a suede boot on a Bia boot and a suede vs a polished leather is a whole new ball game too. It is only by taking the time to analyse your expectations that we can be as sure as possible that we are giving you the very best advice based on our extensive experience. 

During this time and depending on the time of day, we will also show you swatches and examples where possible. If the light is not permitting, we will put together samples the following day to email to you. There really is no rush to complete your order and the team will be on hand to help until you make your final decision. Some clients know what they want right away whilst others may take a month (or more) – we want you to decide in your own time as ultimately the final decision is yours to make! 

After the zoom consultation

Once you have made your final decision you can take your time to prepare your measurements and submit your order online or book another zoom where we can go through your measurements in person. However, even if you email your measurements to us, we will still scrutinize them, often ask for a re-measure or confirmation and finally send you a checklist to sign off. If we really are unsure of any measurements, we will request a zoom so we can see for ourselves and lend a hand.

Our rule of thumb is, if you take your measurements and they are identical for each leg then you have done a great job as you can’t make that up! If there is a slight variation of a half to 1cm between legs this is totally normal for an equestrian as we often favour one side more! Finally, if they are very different this is often caused by an accident of some description so we would just be more cautious to triple check the measurements. Ultimately, we make each boot to fit each leg so once we are set on the measurements your boots we are good to go!

Cost: there are no costs to book a zoom. However, where a client cancels without notice we will send an invoice for £50 for any subsequent appointment made but this cost will be fully refundable against any order. There is absolutely no pressure to buy and this really is an informal chat, although by the end most clients want their boots instantly ….



For new clients and existing clients who have prepared measurements in advance

All of the above but we take the time to scrutinise the measurements too.  We do feel having one set of measurements to work off is the very best option as we can then run through them and check any that we feel we need to and with our experience this is normally very obvious to us. You will need a friend on hand or be prepared to the do checking with full instructions once the call finishes. If you do have a friend on hand to check your measurements do follow the guide below ‘Prepare in advance’.  



For existing clients (who would like to tweak sizing) or NEW clients but only after a consultation has been completed or where you know what you would like to order in advance, as a complete fitting can be very timely. 

We will run through all of your measurements and we will supervise every step of the way. We will watch, instruct you exactly where to measure and in cases have been zoomed in to take the actual measurement from the tape measure nourselves … We do like you to have at least completed the foot measurements (which rarely require supervision) in advance so we can concentrate on the leg measurements.

Prepare in advance:

  • Wear the breeches or socks you usually wear

If you are buying a model with laces, wear your thinnest breeches. If you are buying a model with only a zipper wear your thickest breeches. Only wear winter breeches if you don’t want your boots super tight (initially), where comfort is of the most importance (always) or if you want only want to wear winter breeches with your boots regardless of the model.

  • A helper as you cannot do this alone.
  • A measuring tape with cm
  • Some sticky labels (electrical tape is the very best!)
  • A thin pen or pencil
  • Take measurements 1 – 4 in advance of the appointment.
  • Send us your billing information via email so we can prepare your client record in advance.


Before the zoom

We will send you details of your appointment via email at least 2 days in advance unless you have booked a last-minute appointment and we will send the information as soon as possible. We will forward the link for you to click at the time of your appointment and clarify how you need to prepare in advance (you don’t have to have a zoom account).

Once you have finalised your order  

We will send you a checklist regarding your measurements for you to sign-off. We will then prepare a very detailed invoice for you to accept or amend (if necessary) and no orders will be processed until you have approved the invoice and paid the deposit. The balance is not required until the boots arrive in the UK, but you can make an adhoc payment in our online store, if you would like to, at any point during production.