From time to time we will add sample boots to the online store. Prepare your measurements in advance so you can take advantage of these one-off or flash sample sales.

Sample sales happen when we re-organise the studio, when we inadvertently order duplicate boots (arghhhh) or when a boot arrives and isn’t quite perfect (very rare) and we have organised a remake.


How to know what size you are

The first thing you need to do is put your breeches on (or whatever you ride in) along with your long socks (if you wear long socks when you ride). Then grab a friend and a tape measure!

Open up the measuring guide (link below) and read through the checklist. Then take down your measurements in cms - 1 (foot length) USA & Canada only so you can convert to UK / EU sizing, 7 (calf) and 12 (height). These are the only measurements we really need for our sample boots.

Below is a guide (although not scientific), to convert cm to EU and UK shoe sizing - you can give or take a few millimetres but always go up if unsure! 

We can also supply a form fitting insole that will reduce any shoe size advertised by 1/2 a shoe size and we will include a pair with all boots sold. 

  • 22cm - EU 34.5 / UK 1.5
  • 22.5cm - EU 35 / UK 2
  • 23cm - EU 36 / UK 3
  • 23.5cm - EU 36.5 / UK 3.5
  • 24cm - EU 37.5 / UK 4.5
  • 24.5cm - EU 38 / UK 5
  • 25cm - EU 39 / UK 6
  • 25.5cm - EU 39.5 / UK 6.5
  • 26cm - EU 40 / UK 7
  • 26.5cm - EU 41 / UK 8
  • 27cm - EU 42 / UK 9

It would be incredibly rare that we had anything in a larger size. 


Fit guide per model

Here are our sizing guides for our 4 signature models, which are important to know. It is worth bearing in mind that a long pair of socks will usually add at least 1cm to your calf measurement – try it and see!


The Bia and flex models (with elastic panel)

Whilst flexible we would only recommend going 1.5cm above or 1cm below the advertised calf size. Boots with laces will open 3 - 4 cms more than the advertised calf size BUT they won’t look so good if opened up fully.


Passage, Polo & Diogo

Stick strictly to the advertised calf size or 1 to 1.5 cm lower. If lower you can add a long sock if necessary but do not go above the calf size as these will not stretch.


Existing clients!

Please do use the guide above to work out your current measurements - we have so many clients asking for us to supply their measurements that it’s impossible for us to check for everyone. We are so sorry but we get inundated with requests and it’s just impossible. Remember these are not made-to-measure so are not going to fit absolutely perfectly like your existing boots (although they might!).



Will you accept returns?

We will but they must come back in perfect condition and the zip must not be broken. We do not refund any shipping or pay for the shipping back to us. Please do not ship anything back to us without contacting us first as clients in the USA and Canada must follow strict protocol when returning items to the UK or the package will not be accepted in the studio and will be returned to sender.

It’s worth noting that we have only ever had one pair of sample boots returned ever so using the guide to work out your measurements works!


What if I do break the zip putting them on?

It means they were too small for you or you have broken them getting into them and we will not accept a return.


Do they come with a guarantee?  

We will guarantee them just as we would for any new tall boot.


Can I buy your boots if I am not in the UK, USA or Canada?

We will ship to any address in Europe with the exception of Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and France. We will not ship outside of Europe other than to USA and Canada.


What are the shipping rates?

Covid has affected all shipping rates and delivery times. This is mainly due to less transportation being available be that by road or air. However, these are the current prices and delivery times.


UK - £20 next day delivery with Parcelforce, although they are not currently guaranteeing it most do arrive next day but please allow 3 working days.

Europe - £40 fully tracked and insured, allow 3-5 working days.

USA & Canada - £85 per pair by courier with insurance, allow 3-5 days.