Each and every pair of boots that pass through our workshop are made with the exact same hands on the exact same table and depending on the options and customisation chosen will determine how long it takes to create your beautiful, totally unique riding boots. With so many options and personalisation available it is not surprising that our lead times are on average 12 weeks. 

Generally you can find exactly what you would love from our standard options but just in case you can't we can make some other minor extra custom changes too, which are detailed below amongst the extensive standard options ... we can adapt most of our designs but we can't redesign our models or tops or totally design new ones ...



Choose from 24 tops and growing. Use any colours or combinations on the top styles and add some custom changes too such as monogramming and additional crystals in specific designs. 

If for instance you wanted 4 stripes instead of 3 on top style 5, we can do this. If you wanted to change the size of the stripes this is also the type of thing that is possible. 

Watch our for new tops are coming in 2021.



Choose from 10 toes currently, which again you can custom 'slightly' by adding piping (which will be flat) or a colour within the borders of the stitching.



You can change the colour of most of the panels on your boots - whilst most clients will change the strap (fastening colours) you can also change the colours on the outside panel, the inside panel, the heel or toe, piping on the toe or the top edge, the full length zip covers and the back edge spine (very popular). What is available will be dependent on the model that you choose. 

Straps (fastenings) can be in any leather you choose to compliment or contrast with your base colour. If you have a boot in the Diogo collection you can also choose to have the top and bottom zip covers in different colours which is very popular. 

Current strap options: short strap and popper (snap), long strap and popper (snap), long strap and buckle. 

Worth noting: long straps with poppers (snaps) or buckles cannot be used with any top that has a vertical stripe within the design. 

Outside panel and inside panels - whilst we don't do it very often you can have different colour panels. Please note we cannot put any gloss or textured leathers on the inside panel for obvious reasons. For the inside panel the options are any matte leather or the waxy nubuck leathers. 

Heel or toe - use any leathers from the entire collection although bear in mind a gloss leather on the toe will scratch easily and a textured leather will be smoother as it has to stretch across the foot shape (or you wouldn't get your foot in). 

Piping can be added to the top edge, the toe and some other stitched areas but this varies from model to model (please ask during your consultation). 

Full length zip covers can only be in matte or textured leather. We do not suggest suede based or gloss leathers here as they will wear much more with suede getting particularly dirty. We have of course put these leathers here but the client does so at their own risk. 

The back edge spine (on dressage models only) you can select any leather of your choice. However, it is worth noting that depending on your riding style, if your toe turns outwards, a gloss or textured leather isn't advised as you will rub it. 

Not all models will have all of these panels so please do ask during your consultation.



Logo pins - silver, gold or rose gold. 

Bia hooks - silver, gold, antique gold or antique black

Buckles - silver, silver with diamante, gold, gold with diamante, antique black and rose gold. 

Popper covers currently silver or gold only. 

View the options here. 


MONOGRAMMING- add any logo design or initials to your boots. These are laser printed so can be detailed and intricate. We have also added initials in crystals.  

The most popular place is the straps and depending on the model will determined the size we can do. The other options are the heel or the top below any design you have added.

Please note this is all done by hand so if you have ocd you might want to think again as they do not use spirit levels in the workshop :-) 



Add hypo-allergenic and antibacterial sheepskin lining to your boots, either the entire boot or just the foot. Read more about this here

With in excess of 110 colours (growing monthly), 24 tops (more coming soon), 10 toes and endless ways to customise and combine all these options creating your own unique boot isn't very difficult but might just take some time to decide....



Composite rubber soles - which are virtually indestructible and are by far the favoured option are available in black and brown. 



Diogo models, ankle laces - black and brown 

Bia laces - black, brown, red, white. Limited edition, pastel blue, royal blue, raspberry and aqua (available upon request). 



Bia collection - all of the above options are available with the exception of the full length zip covers.

Bia Sport is classed as a back zip boot and therefore options as per the Diogo collection below. 

Polo collection - all of the above options. Full length zip covers cannot be used on Passage Dressage. Sheepskin foot only advised. Hooks not an option.

Passage collection - all of the above options are available except the full length zip covers. Sheepskin foot only advised. Hooks not an option.

Diogo collection - all of the above options with the exception of the back edge spine, full length zip covers. Sheepskin foot only advised. Hooks not an option.

We can cut an inside panel on a Diogo model but we rarely do this unless someone has chosen a textured leather as the base colour. The Diogo collection is best created in matte leathers, reserving all the textured and gloss options for the top style and accessories only.