Due to the phenomenal success of our BUY ONE GET ONE HALF PRICE* we have added a twist!

Launching this month until the 16th April ONLY - we are offering you the chance to 'share' BOGOHP with a friend! BOGOFRIENDS!



Buy two pairs of handmade-to-measure custom tall boots with 2 boot bags and get the base price of the cheapest pair half price*! Boot bags are part of the deal and cannot be omitted from the order. See terms and conditions below for full offer details. 


HOW TO ORDER deposits must be paid by the 16th April and orders finalised by 21st April. 

  • Book a fitting in the studio quoting BOGOFRIENDS together. 
  • Book a zoom consultation quoting BOGOFRIENDS together. 
  • Order online (existing clients do not need to supply measurements unless there are any changes to make). In the additional comments box add the description of your second pair of boots. Use code BOGOFRIENDS.
  • Email us both orders together quoting BOGOFRIENDS.

Note. Deposits must be paid together and the orders must be placed at the same time.



  • You must reside in the UK, USA, Canada or UAE or be an existing client of celeris UK. Many locations in Europe and Asia are included, please email for confirmation. 
  • The base price of the lowest priced pair will be half price, any custom options, accessories and shipping are additional cost. 
  • Both pairs must be ordered at the same time. 
  • No boots will be ordered until the consultation period is concluded and the final invoice is approved via DocuSign. 
  • Both deposits must be paid at the same time. 
  • Total deposit £500. Balance due on collection or dispatch from the studio. 
  • Lead times estimated at 8-10 weeks depending on design and is from the date the order is signed off (not the invoice date). 
  • Not valid against any order currently in production.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • Our full terms and conditions apply.
  • You must add the code BOGOFRIENDS on the order form or tell us in the studio during your appointment. We cannot add the discount once an order has been placed. 
  • We reserve the right to cancel this offer at anytime without notice.




Happy #superboot shopping!

Team Celeris UK, USA & Canad